Post-pandemic lessons to be learned…

Travel is back, and that is fantastic news. Recent numbers suggest that bookings are up on 2019 levels by 10-20% in some sectors as the pent-up demand is finally realised. Operators find themselves back doing what they do best – but while this is great, there needs to be a level of control, review and […]

The 2022 Hangover effect

It is absolutely fantastic to see travel back, to see bookings across the sector up, along with average spend, and to see more and more jobs in the industry being advertised. However, the travel industry needs to be careful because for all the positivity and increased revenues, is there not a black cloud potentially around […]

Travel used to be high risk; not its ultra high risk

Why, after Covid, is acquirers’ appetite for travelling about risk rather than reward (or at least security)? Merchant acquiring for the travel industry finds itself at a crossroads after the impact of Covid over the last two years. Acquirers have lost money, seen many travel merchants go out of business or had their balance sheets […]

Travel is back and its not as bad as the news outlets would have you believe.

While travel is back, and the industry is moving again, a look across mainstream news outlets it’s difficult to see many positive stories. Be it passengers queued around the block outside Schiphol Airport, to unclaimed baggage in Heathrow Terminal 2, and endless stories of planes being rediverted because passengers, who needed to, hadn’t adhered to […]

Dear Travel Industry friends, it’s time to work together.

Dear Travel Industry friends, it’s time to work together. Some day soon, I’ll try and write a piece without using the word Covid, but I’m not there yet. Reflecting on some of the lessons from the Covid Pandemic, I think the way it brought people together, with a shared fear and camaraderie to overcome an […]

How the Covid-19 Pandemic transformed travel payments

The COVID-19 transformed payments for almost all sectors globally. Now that businesses are recovering from the economic shocks of the pandemic, travel providers need to reconsider their travel payment strategies. Consumer preferences have shifted significantly over the last year and a half. We’ve explored how travel payments have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Payment […]