How is Data Transforming the Travel Sector?

How is Data Transforming the Travel Sector? The travel industry is undergoing a transformative shift, driven partly by the proliferation of data and how businesses utilise it. The increasing availability and accessibility of data mean it has emerged as a powerful catalyst for change, transforming the way travel businesses operate and interact with travellers.  Data […]

Segregating Customers Money 

  Segregating Customers Money The deadline for replies on the ATOLs request for more information has now passed and despite many being sceptical, I do believe it was a request for more information and the CAA have not already made up their mind.  One area which seemed to cause a lot of distress and debate […]

March renewal: Is it time to panic? 

    March renewal: Is it time to panic?  Whether you renew your ATOL or ABTA bond in March or September is determined by the date of your financial year end, and with the majority of travel businesses having a March or December financial year end, most businesses find themselves renewing in September.  However, that […]

Innovative Travel Berlin – Will Plummer

  Innovative Travel Berlin- Will Plummer    Berlin is a city that I absolutely love, and it was great to return, even if it was with slight trepidation at the amount of walking ITB normally entails. Post-Covid, the industry (if you can ignore some of the regulatory infighting) is generally in a great place. It’ll only […]