Frequently Asked Question: How can I restore consumer confidence, post-pandemic?

Travel providers must do all they can to restore consumer confidence in travel after the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve got a few recommendations for how travel providers can attract customers during travel’s recovery: 1. Health and Safety Safety remains a crucial priority for travellers looking to book a trip. Consumers are seeking trusted sources to validate […]

Frequently Asked Question: How can I protect my business against fraud?

Travel is a high-value industry. Unfortunately, this attracts criminals who are growing ever more sophisticated in their methods. We’ve outlined a few ways you can protect your travel business from fraud: If you’re not doing so already, track customer registrations such as contact details, nationality, date of birth, payment details and other information to help […]

Frequently Asked Question: Why should I consider using a trust account?

Demand for trust accounts has grown considerably over the last year as more travel companies recognise their benefits. The pandemic highlighted significant financial protection failings, and for some time, travel providers were plunged into payment-related chaos. Sadly, this chaos led to insolvency for a portion of travel providers. Additionally, the situation had a knock-on effect […]