Post-pandemic lessons to be learned…

Travel is back, and that is fantastic news. Recent numbers suggest that bookings are up on 2019 levels by 10-20% in some sectors as the pent-up demand is finally realised. Operators find themselves back doing what they do best – but while this is great, there needs to be a level of control, review and […]

The 2022 Hangover effect

It is absolutely fantastic to see travel back, to see bookings across the sector up, along with average spend, and to see more and more jobs in the industry being advertised. However, the travel industry needs to be careful because for all the positivity and increased revenues, is there not a black cloud potentially around […]

The rapid rise and rapid decline of Buy Now Pay Later

So what will be the BNPL killer? As we seem, certainly in the UK, to be teetering on the edge of a recession, there have been a lot of talks recently about the rapid rise and potentially rapid decline of Buy Now Pay Later. I will say from the outset that I’m not a fan. […]

Payments. Do you always need an alternative?

For years I’ve advocated the need for alternative payments for businesses to enter and benefit from different markets. 50% of German online retail is done through non-card means, and the figure is similar for the Netherlands; South East Asia is used to the super app. I would be a wealthy man if I had a […]

Three ways using Trust My Travel will benefit your business

It is a difficult time to be a travel business. For months, the pandemic decimated demand for travel and restrictions limited people’s options and reduced their confidence in the sector. The situation worsened when some travel businesses acted deceptively to protect cash flow, further degrading consumer trust. Now that the worst is behind us and […]

The travel industry is finally pivoting towards trust accounts

The UK’s top package holiday companies have said that it is “inevitable” that the trade will have to segregate customer money in a separate account if the Atol system is reformed. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is currently considering more than 300 responses to its consultation on potential reforms to Atol and wants customer payments […]

Four ways to increase conversion at Checkout

Now that travel is on the road to recovery, you’ll want to ensure that your checkout page isn’t scaring travellers away. No matter how excited someone is about the prospect of an exciting trip, a nightmare checkout page can still scare them off. Increasing sales conversion on your checkout page could be as simple as […]

Frequently Asked Question: How can I restore consumer confidence, post-pandemic?

Travel providers must do all they can to restore consumer confidence in travel after the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve got a few recommendations for how travel providers can attract customers during travel’s recovery: 1. Health and Safety Safety remains a crucial priority for travellers looking to book a trip. Consumers are seeking trusted sources to validate […]

Frequently Asked Question: How can I protect my business against fraud?

Travel is a high-value industry. Unfortunately, this attracts criminals who are growing ever more sophisticated in their methods. We’ve outlined a few ways you can protect your travel business from fraud: If you’re not doing so already, track customer registrations such as contact details, nationality, date of birth, payment details and other information to help […]